Wednesday, April 02, 2008

We got home from our latest ultrasound today. This was the follow-up for the check on the spine for spina bifida. The doc gave me a thumbs up at the end. That's a relief! So no spine problems, although since they don't see high test result numbers like mine very often he wants me to have an ultrasound either with him or my own doc every 4 to 6 weeks. He was saying I may be more at risk for fetal growth issues or pre-eclampsia and stuff like that, so I suppose it's good to monitor that. As long as insurance covers those extra ultrasounds!

The other highlight of my day was finding a double yolk when I was cracking eggs for breakfast. LOL I'd never seen one before. I even took a picture of it! I suppose I'll post it here on my blog if I get around to it. Nothing much else to report today. I'm still feeling good and we're starting to think about girl names now that we know the sex of the baby. Some names on my list so far are:


They are mostly a mix of german, irish, english and spanish names so far. I really like Olivia, Madison and Sofia... and Noel thinks Casey, Annaliese and Keira are "OK". I'm surprised he didn't shoot them all down! I don't expect it will be any easier picking a name this time around than it was the last time. In fact, a co-worker of Noel's suggested McKenna, so we didn't even come up with it on our own! Tootles!

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