Wednesday, December 19, 2007

So when we got back from our vacation, it seemed like a Christmas dream that I had conceived while down there. Yep, I'm pregnant. Unfortunately, I'm at risk for a miscarriage due to lower than normal hcg levels, spotting, clotting, and all sorts of other great stuff I'm sure you'd all like to know about! Last Saturday night we went into the ER because I was feeling symptoms of ectopic pregnancy and my doc said I should go.

So they did an ultrasound and the baby is where it's supposed to be and there's a heartbeat of 141. The ER doc did come back and tell me I had a little bit of bleeding in my lower uterus and that it's not uncommon to see that. She said it's quite likely I'll go on to have a normal pregnancy, but that it does put me at risk of a miscarriage. But at least I know where the spotting and clots are coming from, otherwise I'd be freaking out. I have another ultrasound this friday to check on things again, and hopefully everything will be progressing as normal. I'll be about 7 weeks along this next Saturday. (The doctors determine it from the first day of the last period). Keep me in your prayers. I'm going to need it for this one!

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