Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Jeez, I can't believe no one's harangued me about posting! It's been forever... let's see. McKenna is almost weaned. I've got her down to once a day, so maybe I can get pregnant again! I'm actually wondering if I am right at this moment, but that damn pregnancy test is EXPENSIVE and all I need to do is wait 4 or 5 more days to know for sure. Ugh, anyway.

New news... I received my Master Gardener certificate and as soon as a frame opens up, I'll get it up on the wall. They took a picture of our group and it's supposed to appear in the Idaho Press Tribune, and they'll let us know when, evidently.

We all had a wonderful Christmas. We had enough snow to sled on, although it actually consisted of Noel or I pulling McKenna along the driveway or street. She really liked it, and we're going to attempt to find a nice hill somewhere that doesn't charge or have age restricitions!

I've been up to wild experiments in the kitchen with a sourdough starter. I created an active healthy starter using no commercial yeast - just the stuff found in the air or already in the flour. Pretty cool if you ask me. I'm making pancakes a lot more with the extra stuff that I have to do something with. It already has a nice tangy, somewhat mild sour flavor. The REAL sour will come with time.

Umm, lets see - McKenna's talking a bit more. She has signs for lots of things, including napkin, strawberry, light and some others. Actually tons of others, but I think I've shared a few already. She can say poopoo and point to her bottom to let me know whats in there. We've pretty much won the battle of 'throw this food on the floor if I don't like it' and have converted to 'push this bowl back away from me if I'm done eating and ask to get down'... a few time outs made that happen! We're much happier. McKenna didn't like mommy's face when she saw her cleaning oatmeal off the china cabinet!

She's developing an attachment to Babar, her elephant, and asks for him frequently, although she'll sometimes go to bed without him, if she doesn't think of asking for him. I'm okay with where she is now... it certainly doesn't seem to be an obsession or anything yet.

I've found an interest in Sudoku, a number game. The neighbors gave it to us for Christmas, and I found some online versions that I like. Definitely gets the brains synapses firing! Allright, nuff for now. The kiddo's down, and I deserve some ME time!! LOL

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