Friday, February 10, 2006

So what's new? Not much with McKenna for once but I'm having fun with my gardening class. We took cuttings from each others house plants a couple of weeks ago, so I have cuttings currently rooting, and they will be ready for planting in another week or so probably. I've converted my 80 gallon aquarium into a plant terrarium. I've decided that I need to treat my houseplants better. I've got the lights and with the wet soil from the plants it creates a nice humidity that they like. So for I have a pothos, a spider plant, some ivy, some climbing charlie, a wandering jew, an african violet, a polka dot plant, a christmas cactus, and a mother-in-laws tongue. Also another type of succulent that I'm not sure of the name. It's currently trying to root for me. I also have seeds that I'm trying to start under the lights in my tank (as an assignment for class) and I also have to show that I can start different types of plants from cuttings... stem cutting versus a plantlet type like spider plants. Anyway, I'm having fun with it except I have to wiggle the bulbs slightly in their fixture to get them to come on for me, which is frustrating since everything is new and Noel just wired the lights up only 3 days ago.
There's a home and garden show coming up tomorrow that I have to go to for the Master Gardeners class. We will be giving out advice to the public, and it's considered a part of our class. There will be 3 or 4 of us, as well as 2 advanced master gardners there that we can fall back on if we don't have an answer for someone... as well as a ton of reference material. It should be fun, and I'll post about how it went later. Noel will get to watch McKenna while I'm gone, and I told him he could come and look around, too if he wants.

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