Friday, September 24, 2004

So I'm bigger now... having gained 15 pounds throughout the pregnancy. I've got an aching groin and hips, and a lovely waddle, but other than that not doing too bad. The last week or so I've been REALLY tired. Just mentally and physically wiped out. The physical therapy probably isn't helping that, but it's helping my pain (which really isn't a problem at all anymore) and soon I'll be done with the PT. McKenna isn't moving as much anymore since it's getting cramped in there. The one thing I can really feel is a little heel or knee poking me on the right mid part of my belly occasionally. We had the last ultrasound last week and she's head down facing to the right side of me, so hopefully she'll turn the right way when I go into labor. I want to avoid a posterior presentation (face up) and back pain. I've got a therapy ball that I've been using for exercises and have been taking it to work to sit on. It's gotten a few comments and raised eyebrows, but most everyone thinks it's neat! It certainly is comfy, anyway. I go back and forth between it and a regular chair.

So mom and dad are up in the area now, and have been hanging out at the house; dad doing internet and mom making some curtains for the babys room. We're also going to learn to sew some baby/kid clothes and we've been doing some beading too. Pretty cool. For my birthday on the 22nd Noel and I got full body massages, which was AWESOME and then went to dinner at a Basque restaurant (that culture is located in northern Spain/southern France) and the food was just exquisite. Dad and I had Lingostinos, which is are tiny lobster tails, mixed with pimento, garlic, and mushrooms... and somekind of whitish sauce. Mom and Noel had filet medallions with a bernaise sauce. They also brought out tons of other stuff, we had bread, salad, and two side dishes that just appeared, one being a few long sweet green peppers that were flash fried and sprinkled with salt. They were very good. Lot's of garlic in the food though, so beware is you ever decide to try it. The hostess said they had a good track record for their food causing full-term pregnant women to go into labor because of the spices. She really wasn't joking, either! So it's been fun. It'll be even better when I can see my daughters face here soon... I can't wait! :D

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